Custom Commissions

Hi, welcome to TMC Graf’x custom commissions. Fancy owning your own custom fan-art illustration? We specialise in commissions of characters from Film, TV, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, comics and games. You can even request yourself as your favourite character or create your own character and we can illustrate that for you too. Perfect for a unique birthday or christmas gift. Please browse the galleries or have a look at some of the samples below for inspiration.

Every so often we attend conventions and expos throughout the UK selling artwork, but our commission form is always open for requests and all enquiries are always welcome. A handy price guide is provided below to give you a ballpark figure depending on your illustration requirements. Just message us with the details of what you want and we’ll get straight on to it once our quote has been accepted.

Price Guide

Prices vary depending on the specific request but you can use the following common requests as a base guide. These prices are for one character only with no/minimal background and do not include shipping costs. Extra characters, detailed backgrounds etc. will increase costs.

  • A4 pencil headshot £25
  • A4 inked headshot £35
  • A4 colour headshot £45
  • A3 pencil headshot £30
  • A3 inked headshot £40
  • A3 colour headshot £55
  • A4 pencil full body £35
  • A4 inked full body £45
  • A4 colour full body £55
  • A3 pencil full body £45
  • A3 inked full body £55
  • A3 colour full body £65
  • All Sketchcards £25

A specific price will be quoted before any work begins on commission requests.

These prices are for private commissioned work only and the images cannot be published or used in any other media form. If you wish to hire me for commercial material please contact me here.

Commission request

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