Resources and Tools

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of art tools and resources to choose from when creating comic art. I’m quite often asked what I personally use and I quite often ask others what they use too, so I thought I would start to put together a list of tools that I have used and would recommend. Gradually over time I will build this up into various categories and separate pages, but for now I’ll just keep it gathered here until it becomes more substantial. Just an upfront notice that some of these are affiliate links, I’ve given the Amazon listings as generally I’ve found them to be cheaper there but most items can be bought in various art stores.

Quite often it comes down to personal choice and what works for one artist others may struggle with, but this is a list of my favourites gathered through trial and error over the years. Hopefully the collated resources below will help you choose from the multitude of options available. If you come across any great tools or resources I haven’t mentioned feel free to let me know, I’m always keen to try out new stuff too.


In the past I really just thought of these as fix-it tools for making corrections but they are actually great for drawing over blacks to create textures and effects and I use them regularly now as part of my process. The problem is getting ones that stay white and are opaque enough, especially for thin lines, I’ve yet to find the perfect one but these are the best I’ve come across so far and I always have them to hand.


Personally I’ve moved over to brush pens for most line work but occasionally I still use traditional nibs and brushes for dip inking. Loose ink is also handy for special effects where you can manipulate, smudge and spatter the ink directly on the page.